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"Keep it Clean"
"Sew and Save"
"Seeing Eyes"
"Design for Selling"
"Selling Nortron"
"An Option to Sell"
"Smokers Choice"
"The Year for Selling Roadshows"
"A Problem Shared..."
"All for One...."
"Right First Time"
"Assured Shopping"
"Sunshop '90"
"Shaving for Men"
"Sunshop '91"
"Hosiery Training"
"Carpet Fitting for Professionals"
"Handshake III"
"All About Dental Care"
"All About Sunshop"
"No 7 Self Tan"
"The New Maxima QX, Sales Training"
"All About Skin Care"
"Audi Sales Training" m/media
"Hosiery Training"
"All about Pushchairs" V2 1
"All about Pushchairs" Vs 2
"The Advanced Photo System"
"Make it Happen"
"New Lines"
"Making the Sale"
"The Power of Dreams"
"Knorr Academy"
"Salesforce Showroom Training"
"Knorr Academy II"
1977-Dept.of Trade & Industry
1978-The Clothing Institute
1978-Marks & Spencer
1979-Boots The Chemists
1982-FBC Agro-Chemicals
1982-IMI Marston Radiators
1982-John Player & Sons
1984-Inst.of Sales & Marketing
1985-Crookes Healthcare
1988-The Boots Company
1988-Boots Chemicals
1989-Boots The Chemists
1990-Boots The Chemists
1990-British Alcan
1990-Boots The Chemists
1991-Boots The Chemists
1991-Boots The Chemists
1989-Crookes Healthcare
1993-Boots The Chemists
1994-Boots The Chemists
1994-Boots The Chemists
1994-Nissan Europe
1995-Boots The Chemists
1997-Audi AG
1997-Boots The Chemists
1997-Boots The Chemists
1998-Boots The Chemists
1998-Boots The Chemists
1999-TNT UK
1999-Boots The Chemists
2000-TNT UK
2000-TNT UK
2002-Honda UK
2006-Jaguar Cars
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