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"Pressac Capability"
"LLoyds British (Financial)"
"Toy of the Year Awards"
"Conference Facilities in Athens"
"Energy Systems"
"The Friendly Barrel"
"Scholl - Information for Retailers"
"Volvo, This your Life"
"Stilton, King of English Cheeses"
"Crookes - Past, Present & Future"
"Volvo - What's Behind the Name"
"Under New Management"
"Redland Contracting"
"A Better Way to do Business"
"All in a Days Work"
"Eiffel Tower Presentation"
"Sun Tec City Project"
"Motive, Means and Opportunity"
"Komori at DRUPA"
"People like You"
"Telecommunications Up-date"
"A World of Chocolate"
"Innovative Partner. Vital to Food"
1982-LLoyds British
1981-Nat.Ass.of Toy Retailers
1981-Olympic Airways/GMA
1983-GEC ESL
1983-Everards Brewery
1984-Volvo Concessionaires
1984-Stilton Cheesemakers Ass.
1988-Crookes Healthcare
1985-Volvo Concessionaires
1989-Redland Aggregates
1991-Basic Business Systems
1990-Boots The Chemists
1991-Komori Printing Machinery
1991-GEC Express Lifts
1992-Volvo Concessionaires
1990-Komori Printing Machinery
1993-Kleeneze Homecare
1996-GEC Siemens Communications
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